Parable of Archangel Ariel

04 dez

“You know the parable of Archangel Ariel” asks Master Kim for his apprentices.

With all nod their heads while their eyes do not shine showing her curiosity, everyone is silent to hear the story.

Master Kim begins the parable.

“Imagine a small aquarium,” he says. “Made of mirrored glass on the inside, inside another larger tank. Fish that are higher in the aquarium can see what happens in the smaller aquarium but the fish that are lower in the aquarium can not see beyond it. The smaller aquarium is the only reality of these beings. Imagine that the larger tank containing salt water and sea anemones, crabs and all kinds of amazing fish. The smaller aquarium containing fresh water and goldfish. The smaller aquarium glass is becoming thinner. Small amounts of salt water is seeping in the walls and the goldfish are forced to develop very quickly to adapt to this changing environment. As the walls become thinner, the goldfish begin to dimly perceive the beings of the larger aquarium.Some goldfish face the other fish as enemies and seek at all costs defend your tank of an impending invasion. They see the evil in anemones and goldfish accuse others of being influenced by the anemones. These goldfish hide their fear, creating a climate of terror around them. Some conclude that the goldfish aquarium fish tank most of them were controlling all the time. They consider themselves, and all other goldfish, poor victims. They assume that the creatures that live on the other side of the glass wall of the tank kept lower for the sole purpose of someday devour them. As the lower tank walls crumble, they feel increasingly jittery. Some of the goldfish see the fish on the other side of the glass walls as sacred beings, and above all powerful. These fish give up your inner power, and mixed, ranging from the feeling of having been specially elected and the feeling of complete uselessness. Try to interpret the hidden messages of their masters and base their actions and beliefs in these messages. They swim from one side to another in the small tank, thus creating quite a stir with no lasting effect.

Others see the goldfish aquarium higher beings as brothers and marvel before the miraculous variations used by Big Fish to express themselves. These goldfish know that the evolution of their species, the dissolution of the tank and even the reactions of fear, despair and feelings of worthlessness other goldfish fins are part of the Big Fish. They follow the spirit of the Big Fish in each gill on each fin and go into ecstasy as they prepare to swim in deeper waters. The parable teaches us is that “asks the master to his pupils, a boy raises his hand orange skin. Master Kim authorizes you to speak.

“The parable tells us that we should not fear the new and unknown,” he says. “Everyone is playing their role in the Great Game of Life and people are not always bad, even when they do bad things.”

“Excellent response Arthur,” extols the Master, very happy for the brilliant explanation of his student.

“Is there life after death?” Asks Luke to Master Kim.

“Death is a great illusion!” Replied the Master, by this and ask incredulously. “Humanity work incorrectly the term related to the word death should be the correct change. When we are alive to experience the world through a receptacle that is your body. Your body is more to the eternal conquest of eternal life you must take care of your body what does our society today. When we die we go to the planet Pandora that is in a plane above us. ”

“Master,” says Luke. “Please … how do we access the world’s top still being present on this plane?”

“He will soon learn Luke” replied the master with a look of satisfaction.

Second day of training.

“Luke, you will now know the paradox of the opposite,” says the master. “Everything is on the contrary, absolutely everything. What do you want you can not get everything that you do not want to get. ”

“How can that be, master?” Luke asks, astonished at such a claim.

“When we want something we desire to obtain such a thing and also the expectation of its fulfillment,” he says. “But what you really created was the desire to achieve such a thing, but what really got was the desire to obtain such a thing, can understand Luke?”

“No Master, please, please explain.”

“The universe we offer with what we really need not what we want, and who really knows what he wants. When we have the desire to get something, we have this desire and then the universe keeps you with the feeling of wanting one thing. You did not create the desire anything more, and worse, you create an expectation to get it. As you’ve just created a desire and not the thing and also created the expectation you will not get what you want and then you become unhappy, “he says. “But the paradox can create the exact opposite of what you do not mind either because it does not interpret the negative acts only with the statement even if it is something negative. So if you wish not to be late for training, your mind will make possible the delay because you no longer want just wanted the universe and so he did. We have everything we really want Luke, but only used the paradoxical opposite in a negative. The human being does not evolve to the point that something accurately, but to deny it we are all teachers. This lesson will make the constructor of your reality and you will be among the creators of the universe to use caution and wisdom. Let your emotions guide you, because emotions reflect the thinking of the soul and the spirit knows everything and knows what must still be done. ”

“So when I want something I have not fully aware of what can and therefore, unlike when I want something more my unconscious will not really do not want to get, because I serve the will of my mind, is this teacher?”

“Exactly, Luke you have a heart, pure know what to do and how to do at the right time”.

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